RAF Topcliffe 'Marathon keeps you going, going, going...'

RAF Topcliffe Photo: a fantastic RAF Topcliffe Photograph Featuring 'Marathon keeps you going, going, going...'

Photograph Taken On Thursday, January 1, 1959

Another from the family archives: This time a couple of Royal Air Force four-engined Handley Page Marathon T.11's dating from the 1950's. Talking to my old Dad today he's not sure but thinks it could have been taken at RAF Thorney Island at their ATC Annual Camp in 1953 (when I would have been just a year old!) However Thorney had No.2 Air Navigation School based there but that star on the nose symbolised navigation, upon which the constellation of Orion - the Great Hunter - was super-imposed and was used as the basis of the badge for No.1 ANS. On that line and using information from 'Wiki' it is more likely to have been taken at RAF Topcliffe at their 1959 Camp where the No.2 ANS Marathons moved out to. N - the closest one was most likely XA275. Originally designed by Miles Aircraft Ltd., a pair of civil registered Marathons including G-AMHT, languished at Shoreham Airport for several years until succumbing to the scrapman. Scanned from a BW print probably taken with a Brownie 127 camera.View image on Flickr

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