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Peterborough Photo: a fantastic Peterborough Photograph Featuring 156406_2002_Peterborough

Photograph Taken On Wednesday, February 26, 2020

East Midlands Railways 156406 has recently terminated at platform 1, Peterborough working 2K32, 06:53 Nottingham – Peterborough,26th February 2020. A few months ago 156406 lost its rather attractive East Midlands Trains dark blue livery for this “interim” all over white rubbish. It is due to get “interim” East Midlands Railways purple overlays on the outer ends of the vehicles in the next few months which will be an improvement. However except for perhaps the Stagecoach intercity livery as currently carried for example by most of the East Midlands Railways Class 222 fleet I have yet to see a white based livery that is anything other than rubbish.View image on Flickr

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