Holwell Castle 15in gauge 2-8-0PH (SL 70.5.87/1987) at Combe Martin Wildlife Park, Devon.

Holwell Castle Photo: a fantastic Holwell Castle Photograph Featuring 15in gauge 2-8-0PH (SL 70.5.87/1987) at Combe Martin Wildlife Park, Devon.

Photograph Taken On Friday, April 16, 1993

Following on from the previous uploads on the subject of the Severn Lamb Ltd 'Rio Grande' pretenders. Severn Lamb Ltd built on the success of the 'Rio Grande' class C16 mark I with the revised and updated mark II. As mentioned in the previous upload depicting the last mark I model the new product was basically the same machine but now featured a 'balloon stack' spark arrestor chimney and large box headlamp. This was still in keeping with the real D&RG 3ft gauge 2-8-0's as some did feature these adornments. Construction of the mark II started mid 1978 and lasted through to 1987 with the loco above being the final example built bringing the total to 24 locomotives since no.1 appeared in 1971. of this batch 8 were used in the UK while 3 were exported to Genk, Belgium / Los Angeles, USA & Muscat, Oman. The 2-8-0PH locomotive seen here was built in 1987 with works no.70.5.87 and was believed to be a company demonstrator although in May 1989 it was sold to Combe Martin Wildlife Park along with the two carriages coupled here behind it. This was to be the final Rio Grande 2-8-0PH built although they remained in the company catalogue for a few more years. In 1985 Severn Lamb had developed another American outline 'pretender' this time a 2-6-0PH which was cheaper to build and more tolerant of the curve found on miniature railways. This new product was pretty similar to the older 2-8-0's and 13 American Mogul's were built.View image on Flickr

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