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Photograph Taken On Tuesday, June 20, 2017

St Julian's Church located along side North Beach in the seaside town of Tenby, on the western side of Carmarthen Bay, in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. It was built in 1874-1878 to replace the Fisherman’s Chapel which stood at the seaward end of Tenby’s stone pier. Clergy from St Mary’s Church, in the town centre, were paid with seafood to lead the services, which were cancelled when rough weather caused waves to break over the chapel. The old pier and chapel were demolished after it was found in 1840 that the harbour entrance was too narrow. This was causing silt to build up, making entry and egress increasingly difficult. The fishermen worshipped at St Mary’s, but the smell of their clothes was offensive to others in the congregation. Rector George Huntingdon therefore organised construction of St Julian’s Church. Information gained from historypoints.org/index.php?page=st-julian-s-church-tenbyView image on Flickr

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