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Caldey Island a small island off the coast from Tenby in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. With a recorded history going back over 1500 years, it is known as one of Holy Islands of Britain, and several traditions inherited from Celtic times are observed by the Cistercian monks who are the chief inhabitants and owners of the island today. A Celtic monastery was first established on the island in the sixth century, and the island thrived during the Middle Ages. Following the Norman Conquest, Robert fitz Martin, Lord of Cemais, gave the island to his mother Geva. In the 12th century, a priory was established there by Tironensian monks as a daughter house of St. Dogmaels Abbey, and lasted to the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536. The current abbey was built in 1910 by Anglican Benedictine monks but financial problems beginning in 1925 led to the 1929 purchase of the property by Belgian Cistercians. It is considered to be the most complete example of the Arts and Crafts style in the country and was the largest project of John Coates Carter. At the time of building, the abbey was called "the greatest phenomenon in the Anglican community at the present time". The roofs are of white roughcast with red tiling, and the abbey church has five side-windows and on the south a "tapering" tower with primitive crenellations. Currently island's population consists of 40 permanent residents and a varying number of Cistercian monks, known as Trappists, whose predecessors migrated there from Belgium in the early 20th century, taking over from Anglican Benedictines who had bought the island in 1906 and built the extant monastery and abbey but later got into financial difficulties. Today the monks of Caldey Abbey farm the island, chiefly raising dairy cattle, and make a range of items including cheese, shortbread, perfumes, and toiletries. In the spring and summer, visitors are ferried to Caldey, not only to visit the sacred sanctuary but also to view the island's rich wildlife. Information Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caldey_IslandView image on Flickr

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