Ravenstonedale 70814 Aisgill

Ravenstonedale Photo: a fantastic Ravenstonedale Photograph Featuring 70814 Aisgill

Photograph Taken On Wednesday, February 12, 2020

12.58 6J37 Carlisle to Chirk Cronospan logs in between the snow showers. A couple of pictures taken here were those that inspired me most. I first saw them in the early 1960's, it was such a treat to be able to visit here in the snow around 55 years later and record the action in weather that is most appropriate to the location. Many years ago one of the UK's best known railway photographers produced a series of tutorials that featured how to get the best from software in the 'digital darkroom'. They were very useful, and I saved the whole series on my PC. Since then, considerable developments have taken place, and Adobe photoshop and lightroom have functions that automate many of the popular functions. One of them is changing the sky, which was a bit tricky until recently. This enables us to take several shots of when the sky is at its most dramatic or attractive - often when no train is passing. The shot including the train can then be combined with the more interesting sky to produce a composite image. This is what has happened with this shot, the original is below. Best viewed 'large'.View image on Flickr

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