Levens Hall Arnside Signal Box. 1983.

Levens Hall Photo: a fantastic Levens Hall Photograph Featuring Arnside Signal Box. 1983.

Photograph Taken On Monday, March 28, 1983

The small signal box at Arnside beside the Kent Estuary is in a pretty exposed spot and was built by the Furness Railway in 1897 although the 35 lever frame inside is much later dating from the BR era in 1957. It is still in use to this day working on the absolute block signalling principle. When this was taken it had Carnforth F&M Junction box to the south and Grange-over-Sands box to the west. It was also formerly a junction box hence the amount of levers as it controlled the line to Hincaster Junction via Sandside on the WCML running north east from here.View image on Flickr

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