Tatton Park Autumn tints at Tatton, another treescape.

Tatton Park Photo: a fantastic Tatton Park Photograph Featuring Autumn tints at Tatton, another treescape.

Photograph Taken On Sunday, November 10, 2019

My final shot of this year's rather fine autumn colours in Tatton Park, Cheshire and so I decided to put a home made frame round it for a change. Putting frames round photos doesn't make them any better but if, like me, you want to play around with the finished result it is something to do. For those of you who may be interested I will explain what I do (but there will be plenty of other options). I happen to use an old Adobe Photoshop (CS 5, long out of date but still works OK) but I think newer ones will be similar. I finish playing with the image and set to the size I want, in this case 6 inches by 3 inches. I then click the "Image" tab and from the drop-down select "Canvas Size". This will enable you to put a border of whatever size you wish round the image without altering the image's size. I work in inches rather than pixels, it gives you the choice. I can add from 0.01 inches upwards. In this case I selected 6.02 x3.02 and from the colour (color) box at the bottom chose Black. Click "OK" and a black line appears all round the image. You can open the Canvas Size box again and add another band round the now 6.02 x 3.02 image by selecting e.g. 6.04x3.04 White and click OK. You can continue adding borders of whatever extra size you want. You even alter the colour choice by selecting, in that color box, either foreground or back ground. Those are the two small boxes at the base of Photoshop's left border which let you access a colour panel to make your own choice. In this case I added a light brown border followed by a dark brown. That was the border finished. I wanted to make it look like a 3D frame on a wall so set about giving it shadows. For this I had to use Layers. I clicked the "Layer" tab at the top and from the drop-down selected "New" and then "Layer by copy". It doesn't look any different but it is ready for the next step. Now I opened the "Layer" tab again and selected "Layer Style" which opens a side box with various choices, I opened the "Bevel and emboss . . ." opening up a working panel. In that panel's "Structure" Style panel I opted for 'Inner Bevel' and in Technique I chose 'Chisel hard'. Play around with shadow direction, depth, opacity, etc., etc, to your heart's content. The image stays the same size throughout. When you have finished go back to the "Layer" tab and click 'Flatten Image'. If you want to add an outer drop shadow, as here, then a further stage is needed. I opened a completely new canvas. By now my image was about 6.07 x 3.07 so my new canvas has to be 6.09 x 3.09 to allow for the drop shadow. Back to the image, click the "Select" tab and then 'Select all' whereupon a dotted line appears round the image. In the "Edit" tab select 'Copy', move to the new canvas, "Edit" and 'Paste' and your image appears slap bang in the middle. Now "Layer" tab, "Layer by copy", "OK", "Layer" tab, "Layer Style", 'Drop shadow', play around, "OK", "Layer" tab, "Flatten image". Save to your own image title, post on Flickr. And that's it !! Enjoy. It takes longer to read (and type) than it does to do it once you try.View image on Flickr

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