Chirk Cement over the Ceiriog

Chirk Photo: a fantastic Chirk Photograph Featuring Cement over the Ceiriog

Photograph Taken On Sunday, October 4, 2020

A last minute decision yesterday to go out for the cement as the murky conditions in the morning gave way to some breaks in the cloud and occasional sunlight showing through. Knowing that Wrexham district was in lock-down, the most northerly point I could reach was just south of the England - Wales border at Chirk. 66788 is in charge of 6V41, the 12.51 Penyffordd Cement Sidings to Avonmouth Hanson Siding loaded cement, with the loco pretty much crossing the border, with the River Ceiriog below the viaduct here at Chirk. The sun was in and out, and I got a bit lucky with it catching the train, if not the house and trees beyond as it passed over the border. The Chirk Kronospan works are chucking out the darker stuff above the train, with the operations obviously not ceasing even on a late Sunday afternoon, 4.10.20 For the Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle and alternative railway photography, follow the link: image on Flickr

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