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Photograph Taken On Thursday, June 3, 2010

Took the video camera out this morning. Luckily only live a 20 minute walk from this lovely ruin. "East Orchard. Although East Orchard, the residence of the Berkerolles, was called a castle, there is no evidence that it was fortified as such at any time, even when it was destroyed by Llywelyn Bren. It was probably a fortified manor house. Both the East and West Orchards were built by the Berkerolles who received the land from Robert Fitzhammon after the conquest of Glamorgan in 1091. They may have been fortified at a later period in order to protect the two famous orchards which had also been constructed and flourished from the time of Richard III, 1377, to Henry IV, (1399 - 1413)."View image on Flickr

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