Kirby Floral department, on the backside of the vestibule

Kirby Photo: a fantastic Kirby Photograph Featuring Floral department, on the backside of the vestibule

Photograph Taken On Tuesday, June 26, 2018

WEEK 3 – Poplar/Kirby Kroger, Set I (2/3) So – in the Memphis area, as I said, there wound up being three fresh fare Kroger stores. It sounds like Poplar/Kirby here was the first. Originally built in 1976, Kroger purchased the property in 2004 after neighbor Walgreens moved out, leaving a vacant space ripe for expansion right next to the Kroger. Sure enough, Kroger spent upwards of $10 million on a full-scale renovation in 2008-09, promising a new “state-of-the-art format” – which, evidently, translated into Memphis’s first fresh fare Kroger store. Prior to that expansion and remodel, the store was very dated – still decked out in 1980s Bauhaus décor, according to kingskip1 – and was also pharmacy-less (although it does sound like a pharmacy may have been added after Walgreens’ relocation, but I don’t think the store took over the Walgreens square footage until after 2008). The other two fresh fare stores followed, both in 2010. Interestingly, both locations had similar décor histories as well – kingskip1 reports that both Exeter and Mendenhall/Sanderlin originally had neon décor, only to each be remodeled to millennium in the early 2000s – but when the fresh fare remodels came, only Mendenhall received an expansion to the store’s size, tacking on an additional 20,000 square feet; Exeter stayed within its existing footprint. While this might seem to be the first fresh fare store I’ve uploaded, I’ve actually had a chance over the years to photograph all three of these locations. It’s just that I didn’t know a whole lot about fresh fare at the time, and also didn’t take very many photos at either of those other two. You can check out my album on Exeter here, and I have some photos of Mendenhall/Sanderlin in this blog post. I’ve also compiled galleries featuring photos (or separate album links, as the case may be) from all three members of the pioneering local flickr team, behind these links: Poplar/Kirby, Exeter, Mendenhall/Sanderlin. (cont.) (c) 2021 Retail Retell These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)View image on Flickr

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