Milton Keynes Food and Revolutionary Art

Milton Keynes Photo: a fantastic Milton Keynes Photograph Featuring Food and Revolutionary Art

Photograph Taken On Saturday, May 30, 2020

After 5 months of not shooting, I finally got back into it this weekend. Socially distanced? 188 miles...oh yeah, it was socially distant. This was a shoot with a difference, hence me using a Sony A7Riii for it...and Zoom. Moodboard sent, Amie and Chris provided the lighting, styling and technology in Plymouth and I controlled the shoot tethered on Zoom. Gotta say, I loved it! We got through three sets, and this is just the first image I've edited in their Bean Tin setup, I wanted a retro look in here and got two in fact. Please also visit my website and follow me on Facebook and Twitter!View image on Flickr

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