Peterborough If BR had done "Bi-Mode"...

Peterborough Photo: a fantastic Peterborough Photograph Featuring If BR had done "Bi-Mode"...

Photograph Taken On Thursday, August 6, 2020

The DATS (Data Acquisition & Testing Services) OLE test train for the MML has recently had an upgrade - rather than using ROG 47s or 57s sandwiching its 2 ex-LNER 91s (91122 & 91128 "INTERCITY 50") and 8 Mk3a coaches, it now uses ex-EMR 43s 43054 & 43066 for propulsion. I don't think a formation like this has been seen since BR did tests for an HST-E! 43054 leads the formation southwards at Werrington Junction on 5Q45, the 1015 ECS move from Leicester LIP to Peterborough Eastfield Junction, where the 91s would then 'pan up' in readiness for an out-and-back calibration run to Doncaster.View image on Flickr

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