Shrewsbury Jubilee on Shrewsbury Shed

Shrewsbury Photo: a fantastic Shrewsbury Photograph Featuring Jubilee on Shrewsbury Shed

Photograph Taken On Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Stanier Jubilee 45721 Impregnable is stabled on a turntable road at Shrewsbury Shed (6D) in 1964. The loco has a 16F Burton Shedplated and was resident there from April to October 1964 when it transferred to Liverpool Bank Hall (8K). Withdrawn from service in October 1965 45721 was cut up at Cashmores Great Bridge in March 1966. The Patrick O'Brien Collection The loco was rare in Bristol except for its sixth month stay at Burton in 1964. On August 1 1964 it is seen departing with a train for Wolverhampton from Bristol Temple Meads image on Flickr

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