Grantham Kingfisher - female, 24012021, 05 f

Grantham Photo: a fantastic Grantham Photograph Featuring Kingfisher - female, 24012021, 05 f

Photograph Taken On Sunday, January 24, 2021

Kingfisher, The Kingfisher is found near fresh water of most types including streams, rivers, canals, laker and marehes. It prefers clear, slow-flowing waters. In winter it is often seen on tidal estuaries, salt marshes and rocky sea-shores. It feeds mainly on small fish such as Minnows, Sticklebacks and Gudgeon. It also takes crustaceans ( an important part of the diet in winter ), frogs, tadpoles and large insects. It catches its prey by sitting on an exposed perch overlooking the water and plunge-diving when prey is sighted, It will aiso hover for short periods above the water looking for prey. Kingfishers are highly territorial, especially dueing the breeding season, and are aggressive towards other Kingfishers that stray into the territory. The nest-site is usually in a hole in the bank of a stream or lake, though sometimes it is a considerable distance from water. A tunnel 1-3 feet long is excavated, ending in a bowl-shaped chamber which contains the eggs. No nest material is used but the nest becomes lined with regurgitated fish-bones. Both sexes share in incubation and care of the young. The Kingfisher is mainly resident and sedentary, though birds from the northern part of the range move southwards or to sea-coasts when fresh water freezes in winter,. Note, - Female has red on base of bill, Occurrence ;- In most of Europe, N to S Scotland, Baltic, and exteme S Scandinavia, Summer visitor only in north and east of range, from which birds move southwest in winter, Along rivers and canals, on marshes, flooded pits, and coastal areas including salt-marsh creeks, especially in winter, Voice ;- Quite loud, sharp, high Kit-cheeee or cheee, also high, fast trill in spring, Nesting ;- Deep tubular tunnel, lined with fish bones, May-July. Feeding ;- Catches fish, frogs, and aquatic insects, in dive from perch or mid-air hover, Order ;- Coraciiformes Family ;- Alcedinidae Species ;- Alcedo atthis Lenght ;- 16 - 17 cm ( 6.5in ) Wingspan ;- 24 - 26 cm ( 9.5in - 10in ) Weight ;- 35 - 40g ( 1.25oz - 1.5oz ) Social ;- Pairs Lifespan ;- 5 - 10 years Status ;- DecliningView image on Flickr

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