Rawdon Leeds tram no 120

Rawdon Photo: a fantastic Rawdon Photograph Featuring Leeds tram no 120

Photograph Taken On Monday, December 23, 2019

An old photograph of the opening of the tramway extension from Leeds to Yeadon & Rawdon on 26 May 1909 (photo reverse is annotated 'taken at Rawdon - 26-5-09 - first day'). The tramway extension was extended on to Guisely the next month. The photograph is obviously pretty old and not a more recent reprint but I would not think that it actually dates to 1909. On a cursory search on google images I cannot find another copy of this exact view but I am sure there must be identical prints out there. Although in the photo the tram front is obscured, in a different photo on the same day the first tram of the three is no 120. Assuming that they did not swap places, no 120 (and the others as well I think) was a double deck open balcony/vestibule car built in 1908/09 by Leeds Corporation Tramways with their own LCT body and Brill 21E truck. It was withdrawn in 1945. ------------------------------------------------- If there are any errors in the above description please let me know. Thanks. Any photograph, ephemera, etc I post on Flickr is in my possession, nothing is copied from another location. The original photographer may have taken copies from their original negative and passed them out (sold them?) so there may be other copies out there of your (and my) 'original' transport photo, although occasionally there may be 'holiday snaps' type photos where there are not any other photos exactly the same in existence. If you wish to use this image (bearing in mind it may not be my copyright) or obtain a full size version (most of my uploads are small size) please contact me.View image on Flickr

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