Chirk Log Jam (70812/70802, 37219/37116)

Chirk Photo: a fantastic Chirk Photograph Featuring Log Jam (70812/70802, 37219/37116)

Photograph Taken On Monday, January 18, 2021

Colas Railfreight’s 37219 ‘Jonty Jarvis’ and 37116 slow on the approach to Carlisle Petteril Bridge Junction whilst working 1Q23 Heaton - York via Carlisle and Settle vice the usual ‘New’ Measurement Train (NMT). Crossing over onto the start of the ‘Midland’ Settle & Carlisle Railway are Colas heavyweight counterparts 70812 and classmate 70802 as they double head 6J37 Carlisle Yard - Chirk logs, a train which had sat down en route twice in the last couple of weeks 18/01/21View image on Flickr

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