Thirsk Market Place, Thirsk old postcard 1970s

Thirsk Photo: a fantastic Thirsk Photograph Featuring Market Place, Thirsk old postcard 1970s

Photograph Taken On Sunday, March 22, 2020

The big squares that often seem to be present in picturesque northern towns give lots for us to consider. I already had one Thirsk postcard and eventually got this batch together. A pleasing mix of 1960s and '70s cars, commercils and PSVs here. Most notable one for me is the overly yellow Toyota Celica in front of the buses. The Simca 1000, with its front bootlid up, is also an interesting thing to see. The Carricks lorry is particularly smart, we will see something of theirs again in another card. Comments and IDs welcome, as ever. Unsent card published by ETW Dennis & Sons Ltd, ref. T.2603.View image on Flickr

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