Capesthorne Hall Midnight Lightning in action

Capesthorne Hall Photo: a fantastic Capesthorne Hall Photograph Featuring Midnight Lightning in action

Photograph Taken On Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A couple of shots from last night's spectacular thunderstorm. They were both 30 second exposures at f8. The top one was shot from my bedroom window at about 11 minutes after midnight and I was lucky enough to capture one faint flash of actual lightning as it crossed the sky just above the roof tops. The lower one was about 50 minutes later over my back garden. Nothing special here but it does show just how much light there was around during those 30 seconds the shutter was open. The lower one was also in pounding rain but that does not show. There was wind movement which does spoil the sharpness of the trees. Please bear in mind that it was midnight and I could see very little through the camera viewfinder or screen. Focus and direction was guesswork!View image on Flickr

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