Peterborough Outfield Homes : 5 Bedroom Self Catering Contractor Accommodation

Peterborough Photo: a fantastic Peterborough Photograph Featuring Outfield Homes : 5 Bedroom Self Catering Contractor Accommodation

Photograph Taken On Sunday, October 25, 2020

Short term Self Catering Accommodation in Peterborough. Outfield Homes is a 5 bedroom 3 storey House with all facilities required for anyone to make themselves at homes. Whether staying for leisure, business or simply working locally and need somewhere close by to stay then Outfield Homes will meet your needs. Outfield Homes is a quirky modern self catering house with attention to detail and we like all our guests to stay within a comfortable environment. Each room comes fully furnished with a comfortable bed, pillows, bedside cabinets and wardrobe. One of the rooms has a kitchenette with a microwave. Close to Peterborough City Hospital. Contact Your Lettings Peterborough for: Serviced Accommodation, Guest House, AirBnB, Hotel, B&B, Short Term Rentals, Corporate let and Serviced Apartment requirements.View image on Flickr

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