Caterham Paw Prints Provide More Questions Than Answers

Caterham Photo: a fantastic Caterham Photograph Featuring Paw Prints Provide More Questions Than Answers

Photograph Taken On Tuesday, September 10, 2019

This is a 110-year-old brick from the side of our house which I had managed to miss for 12 years until we got the roofers in to update our slates. Those marks must have been made while the brick was wet i.e. before baking. Did some cat/ fox/ badger walk across the yard to leave his mark for posterity or did a brickmaker get his pet to make a mark on one brick in each batch he baked? I will probably never know but if you do please let me know. The house builders obviously liked it as they put it in a fairly prominent position. Anyway, I love it and think it makes for a fascinating image. I hope you agree. I also posted this picture to BBC Springwatch's Facebook page where it received 90 like/love/wows and 44 comments. The consensus of opinion by some margin was that they were cat paw prints.View image on Flickr

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