Grange-Over-Sands Post Office telephones directory, Section 131 Cumberland, November 1965

Grange-Over-Sands Photo: a fantastic Grange-Over-Sands Photograph Featuring Post Office telephones directory, Section 131 Cumberland, November 1965

Photograph Taken On Thursday, May 21, 2020

A page from the Post Office telephone directory showing the entries for the National Coal Board, the UK's then nationalised and extant coal industry, and the local collieries. By 1965 the West Cumberland coalfield had been exploited for centuries and had helped form a dense pocket of industrial activity on the caostline around Whitehaven. The largest colliery here, Haig Colliery, was in fact a later deep pit coming into production in the early 1920s and would be the last to be closed in 1986. Alongside the support and services departments a few other collieries are listed these being the Harrington, Risehow, Solway, St Helens and William. Many of these collieries workings ran out undersea. Other concerns listed hint at the associated port and dock facilities and I like the fact that many years after nationalisation of the railways the National Dock Labour Offices are still listed as being at the LNER offices at Silloth as is the Wigan area's marketing office at Grange over Sands is at the LMS's yard!View image on Flickr

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