Kirby Produce on the right (where it belongs)

Kirby Photo: a fantastic Kirby Photograph Featuring Produce on the right (where it belongs)

Photograph Taken On Tuesday, December 18, 2018

WEEK 3 – Poplar/Kirby Kroger, Set I After entering the store on its right-hand side – aka its main entrance – we find ourselves now in the produce department, which occupies the front right corner of the interior. Reportedly, this store used to have a flipped layout back during its Bauhaus, pre-expansion days. Along the way to produce, we briefly encountered the floral department, which like in so many Kroger stores is located on the interior side of the vestibule (see Tuesday’s pic here). Unusually for me, on both visits to this store I actually entered on the pharmacy side, and thus took all of my pictures in a clockwise loop around the interior – when in fact this store’s layout runs counter-clockwise, as it commonly does in Kroger stores. As a result, I’ve tried to stitch together this stour in reverse order from the photos I took… so if anything seems off, blame it on that, haha! (But I think I did a good job…) (c) 2021 Retail Retell These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)View image on Flickr

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