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Photograph Taken On Saturday, May 12, 2018

Those of you that saw yesterday’s photo knew that the CarTen was the plan for my day yesterday. Just over 8 hours of cycling to do 111 Miles got me from my home in Cardiff to the starting point in Cardiff city centre to Tenby. It was a fabulous experience and I saw swathes of South Wales that I have never seen before, the rural rugged beauty of the countryside was quite breathtaking. It was also an interesting experience as there were miles done on fairly major roads which did create a bit of a stir for cars and vehicles, interestingly though there was not the usual disgruntled tooting from the cars that one gets when out alone or as a small group. It did raise the thought that if 2500 ( the number of people that took part yesterday) people were to regularly use the roads not only would there be less resistance to cycling but congestion would be less of a problem. I do appreciate that we currently don’t have the infrastructure in place to allow this to happen and in Wales especially we get weeks of rain which I’m sure would deter all but the most hardy cyclist from using this as a mode of transport. Please don’t think that I’m trying to be contentious either , as it was only a thought whilst I was trying to get up the next hill! Tenby as I mentioned was the finishing point and there was quite a welcome awaiting all that finished. Hubby was there to greet me and the drive me home. The finishing point did feel like a safe haven just as the little port if for these boats. Thanks for stopping.View image on Flickr

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