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Photograph Taken On Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I took this over 6 years ago when I was just getting into photography and before I had discovered Lightroom and Photoshop. Then I just took a photo and it was what it was. Mediocre generally. But with my new found love of fartnarkling and a fair bit of time on my hands, I am rediscovering a few old photos and giving them a bit of a tweak. This is the aqueduct in Chirk and I am standing at the entrance to the 421m long tunnel. I have walked it a couple of times but I can't honestly say it was an enjoyable experience. Especially if you are in there at the same time as a boat as the fumes are almost overpowering. So grey area of lockdown. I am allowed to drive to our local garden centre which is about 3 miles away. The aqueduct is about 1.5miles from the carpark but the border with Wales is just where the bridge begins. Am I allowed to cross the bridge?View image on Flickr

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