Kirby Sushi and Soup Bar Island

Kirby Photo: a fantastic Kirby Photograph Featuring Sushi and Soup Bar Island

Photograph Taken On Tuesday, June 26, 2018

WEEK 3 – Poplar/Kirby Kroger, Set I Here’s a better look at the first of two prepared/hot/specialty foods islands, this one located out in front of the bakery. The decorative rectangular metal truss fixtures you see hanging down from the ceiling above these islands have affixed to them some additional hanging signs – some of the only ones in the store that have words on them, no less. Here, those signs read “Sushi” and “Soup Bar,” respectively. Notice that they use the same italicized Times New Roman-esque font as the “fresh fare” logo – which is also ghosted in white behind the words themselves. The oval shape is accented by an outer ring of gold, similar to the pictographs along the perimeter walls. (c) 2021 Retail Retell These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)View image on Flickr

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