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Photograph Taken On Thursday, August 6, 2020

The DATS (Data Acquisition & Testing Services) OLE test train for the MML has recently had an upgrade - rather than using ROG 47s or 57s sandwiching its 2 ex-LNER 91s (91122 & 91128 "INTERCITY 50") and 8 Mk3a coaches, it now uses ex-EMR 43s 43054 & 43066 for propulsion. I don't think a formation like this has been seen since BR did tests for an HST-E! With calibration now ongoing for the train's onboard computer systems, 43066 & 43054 (trailing) scream northwards past Marholm on 3Q23, the 1146 test run from Peterborough Eastfield Junction to Doncaster. Note that the pantographs on 91128 & 91122 are raised for data collection...View image on Flickr

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