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Photograph Taken On Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Catapult, seen here in Tatton Park Cheshire, is the opposite of Bungee Jumping (which is mad to begin with !!!) The cage is lowered almost to ground level whilst the victim - sorry, the participant - is fastened into a harness. Hanging from the cage is a strong elasticated rope which is fixed to that harness, itself as well as the victim - sorry, the participant - being firmly attached to the ground. The cage is then hoisted to the top of the crane, stretching that elasticated rope tight. At the given moment the harness and victim - sorry, the participant - are released from the ground anchor. The victim - sorry, the participant - is then catapulted at speed up into the air accompanied by variety of screams, oaths, Anglo-Saxon adjectives. and anything loose. Gravity eventually comes to play and stems the upward flight at which point the victim - sorry, the participant - begins a free-fall back towards the ground, accompanied as before with ...etc ... in the hopes the elasticated rope stops them in time. After a period of up and down oscillating the victim - sorry, the participant - is allowed back gently to earth usually announcing how spectacular was that experience (although I didn't see many joining the back of the queue for another spectacular experience!) And before you ask - NO!! I am happy being a wimp on the ground watching ;-) In case you notice a difference in crane colour these were taken on two different occasions. The experience was still the same.View image on Flickr

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