Manchester There 'IS' light at the end of the tunnel

Manchester Photo: a fantastic Manchester Photograph Featuring There 'IS' light at the end of the tunnel

Photograph Taken On Thursday, November 19, 2020

With the discovery of three vaccines (and maybe more to come) it is brilliant news for the future; hopefully not too long into the New Year we can all relax as things try to get back to normal; a new normal; I hope we can all see that there is light at the end of the tunnel finally. My only concern is that here in the UK we are lifting restrictions for Christmas over a period of five days; is this going to cause spike number three, I certainly hope not? Our NHS and Front Line workers are working flat out at the moment, they are dedicated, exhausted and many afraid to go into work each day for fear of contracting Covid, but they still do; to look after us, the public. I only hope that when it’s time to receive your injection all of the non-believers out there take their rightful place at the back of the queue, or better still, don’t turn up at all……! Thank you NHS and Front Line workers….. PS, Or as a dear friend of mine, Juli Sonne suggests, have the non-believers spend a week working on a Covid ward in the IC Unit before they can have the vaccine, earn the right, lets see how many of them take up that challenge. Thank you Juli xx Vaccine Bottle by :daniel-schludi-ZeMRI9vO71o-unsplashView image on Flickr

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