Chirk Upperby, Timber, Mill (70801, 66776, 66756)

Chirk Photo: a fantastic Chirk Photograph Featuring Upperby, Timber, Mill (70801, 66776, 66756)

Photograph Taken On Friday, February 5, 2021

70801 leads the retimed log empties north passed a rather busy (by modern standards) Upperby whilst working 6Z37 Chirk - Carlisle Yard. Stabled prior to weekend engineering are Colas’ Dr73910: which had earlier arrived as 6J73 from Guide Bridge and GBRf 66776 and 66756 which had chaperoned Schweerbau High Speed Milling Machine Dr79602/3/4 from Durham as 6X69 overnight 05/02/21View image on Flickr

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