Peterborough WWII Type 22 Pillbox

Peterborough Photo: a fantastic Peterborough Photograph Featuring WWII Type 22 Pillbox

Photograph Taken On Monday, November 23, 2020

WWII Pillbox waiting for the window fitters! On the Green Wheel Whittlesey. Peterborough's Green Wheel is a network of routes in and around the city created as part of a Millennium project. and it is part of the The National Cycle Network. East Anglia was directly threatened with invasion from Germany and the Low Countries and appeared to be a direct route to London. As a consequence a large number of defence lines were built along the coast, rivers, canals as well as locations of military importance such as airfields. In June 1940 Branch FW3 of the War Office Directorate of Fortifications and Works put out standard plans for approx. 12 standard pillboxes. Throughout the country various local variations were made to these designs as well as some pillboxes which were purpose built. Tone Mapped with NIK Collection Color EFEX pro 4 in Photoshop and corrected with Lightroom. image on Flickr

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