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Photograph Taken On Saturday, March 28, 2020

Make: Whitman Serial: 7325 Title: Droitwich, Worcestershire Series: Torrington Pieces: 720 (24 x 30). Size: 22 ¾" x 17 ½". 57.8 x 44.5 cm. Date: - Bar Code: - Origin: England. Acquired since I completed the other 700 piece puzzles that I had accumulated, so this was put in the priority pile and here it now is. Generally built from the top downward. No particular difficulty encountered, and although you cannot pick this puzzle up without it disintegrating, the pieces do fit together and hold reasonably well. The original shop ticket is on the box. This puzzle was sold by Myer, a department store in Australia, for $2.30. The 'code' above the price is 044 1761, although there is no obvious indication of a date there. Could simply be the department or section that the sale was put through the till as. From the side of the box, No. 7325 Titles: · Droitwich, Worcestershire · Lake Hintersee, Germany One piece missing, despite the box being marked as complete. Bought more jigsaws… DONE: 408 puzzles (256623 nominal piece count). TO DO: 964 puzzles (1192850 nominal piece count).View image on Flickr

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