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Photograph Taken On Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dr Les Bailey, back and joint pain centre, 175 coulsdon rd, caterham, CR3 5NU. Tel 01883341949 or 07801418080. email Website Diploma osteopathy (NCSO), Diploma osteopathy (OIUCM) 1992, Osteopathy lecturer diploma (NCSO) 1993, diploma biomechanics(CFHP)2008, Dip manipulative med science (OIUCM) 1992, Phd (OIUCM) 2009, Acupuncture pain control (ATM)1995, Soft tissue manipulation (ASC)1983, Massage (LAMPC)1981, Life member medicina alternativa 1992, International lasertherapy association 1994, NLP master(Pro noctis )2018, Hypnotherapy master (Pro noctis) 2018, Master timeline therapy (Pro noctis)2018. Registered with ACOPM/APTA. proudly not registered with the general osteopathic council ! To read around 400 patient testimonials go to image on Flickr

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