Tenby Myths and Legends Tenby Pembrokeshire
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Myths and Legends Tenby Pembrokeshire
St Mary's Church

Myths and Legends Tenby Pembrokeshire

New Years Water

An ancient tradition in Tenby is that of New Year's Water. New Year's Water is perhaps the best known of all the old Tenby customs. Early on New Year's morning the local boys and girls would fill an earthenware cup or tin with water drawn fresh from the well. A small bunch of evergreen twigs, such as box myrtle, rosemary or sea spurge would be picked and the children would set off on a circuit of neighbours and family friends. The children then knocked on the doors and asked "would anyone like any New Year's water?" Hands and faces were liberally splashed with water from the twigs dipped in the tins. The response to this was to drop coins into the cups. It is thought that this custom has its origins in pagan ceremonies to welcome the new year, others believe that the sprinkling has to do with holy water. Although this custom has largely died out, it is apparently still practised in the Evergreen Pub, The Green, Tenby (with thanks to Pat for this one).

The Ghost of St Mary's Church Tenby Pembrokeshire

It is said that on some nights a ghostly figure dressed in a cowled robe walks quickly down the central aisle of the church and fades away. It is not known who this person is, but there are several tunnels leading from beneath the church to various parts of the town
Other reported happenings in and around the church include furniture being moved around and 'moaning noises'. These have been largely attributed to wooden floors and damp causing the floors to shift height and therefore slide furniture around the room to the accompaniment of low creaking noises or 'moans'

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