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Little India

Tudor Square, Tenby SA70 7AJ, United Kingdom

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Kieran Jones - Firstly we walked in and were ignored by the staff. A waitress saw us come in but decided to clean an empty table rather than take us to our seats. I got bored of waiting at the bar so I went over and asked her for a table for two; the reply - "just sit anywhere", didn't show us to a table or anything. We sat down and ordered food (poppadoms and chutneys to share for starters, a lamb curry and a vegetable curry for mains, one with rice and one with chips). My girlfriend ordered "half and half" (rice and chips) which initially didn't seem to be a problem, but a few minutes later the waiter came back and said "we can't do half and half sorry, the chef is very particular about portion control" (???). For context for people not from Wales, pretty much EVERY indian restaurant serves half and half unless they are making a point of being very authentic and traditional. The poppadoms and chutney (£3.80 for the tiniest amounts of raita, lime pickle, amateurishly made onion salad and mango chutney) came swiftly. Literally not more than 5 minutes later the main course arrived, clearly we were still in the middle of eating our starters but that didn't seem to matter. The vegetable curry was very plain flavoured although fairly spicy (even though my girlfriend only ordered it because the menu said it was mild!). Likewise the lamb curry was quite bland and tasteless. This should come as no surprise as Buddha Buddha is the least authentic indian restaurant in the world (ALL the staff, including the chef, are caucasian, and on the way out we saw into the kitchen and they have stacks of pataks sauce jars. Yes, seriously). The food was not excessively priced if it was nice restaurant food but it is not, it is made with supermarket sauce jars. I got a bottle of Cobra beer which set me back £6. If I could give zero stars I would. This restaurant is a complete joke. Avoid it like the plague. overall 1.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 12/7/2017