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Little India

Tudor Square, Tenby SA70 7AJ, UK

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Little India is a Restaurant located in Tenby, To learn more about the Restaurant, the Restaurant's website address is http://buddha-buddha.business.site/ .

If you wish to book the Restaurant you can book the Restaurant by phone using the following phone number 01834 844732. To request further information by email Please visit the Restaurant's website.

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Reviews of Little India

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Oriental Heritage - Excellent and Brilliant Food (We believe under new management) We Have eaten at this restaurant a number of times now on and the experience has been consistently good. I have only tried chef speciality yet. But spoke few people and ask me to try Jalfrazi. The selection of menu was good and quite simple. I typically order a Tawa dish sizzling and the waiter would ask how spicy and get it right on. Not a large establishment but clean and with efficient and friendly staff. I have taken a number of people here and they have all endorsed it. Will continue visit this place with friends and family overall 5.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 15/6/2018

Sarah Bone - We visited this restaurant on the last night of our holiday, I can honestly say it was the worst curry I have ever tasted. The chicken in the chicken tikka masala was so dry and tough it was barely edible. It was so bland, the naan bread tasted like the cheapest shop bought naan you could get. Also we were charged £12 for two small Cobra beers, which we thought was very overpriced. Dont be fooled by the tempting smell on the street as you walk by! overall 1.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 17/10/2017

Yvonne Smith - We ate at this restaurant today and was very impressed. We tried the early bird menu which was £10 For 4 courses. The portions were large and I couldn't manage to eat all of mine. The drinks aren't expensive, about the same you would expect to pay in a bar. Furnished beautifully and fabulous service. Definitely recommend. overall 5.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 6/9/2017

Elli Jones - Absolutely mortified with this Indian and Thai Cuisine. First of all, the overpriced drinks (soft and alcoholic) £6 for a large bottle of Cobra because 'thats the only lager they do'. The staff were wondering around like lost dogs, confused and didn't know what to do with themselves. The £10 4 course meal sounded like an excellent idea, but it turned out to be a disgusting rip off nightmare. The korma I had was insipid, a £2 asda bought one tastes better! The chips were cooked from frozen and were sopping on my plate, bland wasn't even the word! None of the staff specalised in Indian or Tai! They were all European. I didnt even manage to digest my meal, it was horrendous. Hands down the worst meal ive had in my entire lifetime. This has put me off big time for going out for a curry. Probably will not eat another curry for the rest of the year. How can they even say it is an Indian when there is not one in site. Foul, nasty, atrocious and vile. Dont know how they are open! Stay away. Cause for concern this place is! Will definitely not be visiting ever again. This place should be shut down and should be called microwave meals at your service! Appalled. overall 1.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 6/8/2017

Sarah Powell - Firstly, beware of the steep steps leading down to the basement where the restaurant is situated. This is the least authentic Indian restaurant I have ever visited. All staff appeared Caucasian. The chips were frozen, I seen them coming out of the bag in the kitchen and were soggy and tasteless when arrived at the table. All the Curry's that were ordered, tasted as if purchased in a supermarket and just about edible. In fact two out of the three diners on our party could not even consume there meal. The lager (Cobra) was over priced at £6.00, a bottle as was a soft drink, half a pint of lemonade at £1.60. Staff also appeared to be wandering around aimlessly. The only good point was the washroom/toilet facilities. Plentiful supply of hot running water and soap in the dispenser. Would certainly not want to revisit this so called restaurant again, beware not a good experience, one to stay clear of, disgusted. overall 1.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 6/8/2017