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Uxbridge - a seat of a first-order administrative division located Miles away from 's centre , Uxbridge is seat of a first-order administrative division (PPLC takes precedence over PPLA)

Everything you need to know about Uxbridge is right here.If you are visiting Uxbridge for holidays or even for just a few hours this site will help you find accommodation in Uxbridge , activities, restaurants, shopping and more about the Uxbridge Surrounding Area >>.
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                  Uxbridge Surrounding Area
Uxbridge tube station is one of the many areas surrounding Uxbridge. Others include Denham, Hillingdon tube station and Hillingdon Hospital

Tne nearby Eton College is only one of the many historic places in Uxbridge. Other historical places of interest include John Milton's Cottage , St George's Chapel Windsor and Windsor Castle

26.57 miles away is Hersham Village Golf Club Uxbridge's closet golf course, nearby golf couses include Surrey National Golf Club (formerly Happy Valley) , Southern Valley Golf Club and Stilton Oaks Golf Club

If your flying to Uxbridge the nearest airport to Uxbridge is RAF Northolt being 5.86 miles away, Northolt is 5.87 miles away and Denham Aerodrome is 6.15 miles from Uxbridge