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Hove Surrounding Area Here you can find Local Area Information in Hove and near Hove .

situated 0.0  miles away from Hove's center, Hove is a town on the south coast of England immediately to the west of Brighton. The former towns form a single conurbation together with some smaller towns and villages running along the coast. As part of local government reform Brighton and Hove were merged to form the borough of Brighton and Hove in 1997. .. read more

Hove railway station
situated 0.6  miles away from Hove's center, Hove railway station is in Hove in the county of East Sussex, England. The station and the majority of trains serving it are operated by Southern. Other operators are First Great Western and South West Trains. This station has three platforms and is a common changing point for people going in and out of Brigh .. read more

Nevill Hospital
This hospital is situated 0.7  miles away from Hove's center. Nevill Hospital, a building in which sick or injured, especially those confined to bed, are medically treated .. read more

County Cricket Ground, Hove
situated 0.9  miles away from Hove's center, venue in Hove, England. It is home to Sussex County Cricket Club. (...) .. read more

St. Anne's Well Gardens, Hove
situated 1.2  miles away from Hove's center, St. Anne's Well Gardens is a park in Hove, Sussex about half a mile from the shore. The park is renowned for its chalybeate (iron bearing) spring, which is now named St. Anne's Well. In this case, the name "St. Anne" does not refer to any saint. Instead, the name was apparently based on a myth of Annafrieda, .. read more

This permanent human settlement is situated 1.4  miles away from Hove's center. PortsladebySea, a agglomerations of buildings where people live and work .. read more

Brighton & Hove
situated 1.4  miles away from Hove's center, Brighton & Hove is a unitary authority and city in East Sussex on the south coast of England. It was formed as a unitary authority on April 1, 1997 by the merger of the East Sussex districts of Brighton and Hove. It immediately applied for and was granted borough status, which was followed by an award of city .. read more

Preston Park Station
This railroad station is situated 1.5  miles away from Hove's center. Preston Park Station, a facility comprising ticket office, platforms, etc. for loading and unloading train passengers and freight .. read more

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